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Voskie is an exquisite antique gift designer that makes beautifully crafted handicraft. What started as a hobby, has now grown as one of the most trusted and loved handicraft and one of the unique handmade handicraft.

About Us

Voskie is established to make you feel your daily use gifts an indivisible whole of yours with it’s simplicity, luxurious and charming design. Thats why we get up to design them in a unique way and of course uniqueness can only be providable by handmade. Using hammers, files, and flame. All designs each piece produced by hand labour. All of our pieces are hand finished by artisans in our studios. Which is our irreplaceable.

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    We bring you the designs that are believed, simplicity comes from beauty and elegance. The piece percieved from the whole represents you.

Custom Handicraft



Get your dream custom-made gift. We specialize in unique setting styles of quality gifts, from modern designs to timeless classics.



Your adornment of colour will proudly be taken by us to make the most unique piece of jewellery.



Make a choice from the selective and high-quality range of metal base to make the best use of our artistry and your customized jewellery without being boring.

Powerful Creative Design

Turn your inspiration into one-of-a-kind custom handicraft created by us. Create your custom handicraft online which choice of your material to wear and treasure forever. Or show your friends and loved ones that you care with our customized gifts and products.

The Best Quality Products

What makes the Voskie difference? We put a lot of love and time into creating handicraft that people love.


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We love chatting about the handicraft, sharing our processes with people and answering curious questions. Reach out today.

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